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Listed below are details of ex Crosville/Crosville Wales vehicles that are know to survive. It is neither complete nor up to date however it's hoped to improve it over the coming months.
At present it covers all preserved vehicles plus all surviving vehicles with Bristol chassis.

For more information:
    The PSV Circle produce a book listing all preserved buses.
    Rob Sly's website is updated with all remaining Bristol Lodekkas, LHs, REs and VRs.
    The 'Bristol SU' series of websites has details of Bristol LSs, MWs, SCs and SUs.

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A link from the registration column goes to a photograph of the vehicle, a link from the status column goes to more information about the vehicle.
Number Registration ChassisBodyYearStatus
DLB978 627HFM BRISTOL LD ECW CO33/27RD 1959 Classic Coaches, Kirkby Steven 
DFG81 891VFM BRISTOL FSF ECW H34/26F 1962 Crosville Motor Services, Weston Super Mare 
DOG132 A132SMA LEYLAND OLYMPIAN ECW H45/32F 1984 Confidence, Leicester 
DOG132 A134SMA LEYLAND OLYMPIAN ECW O45/32F 1984 ????, Birmingham 
DOG139 A139SMA LEYLAND OLYMPIAN ECW H45/32F 1984 Confidence, Leicester 
DOG148 A148UDM LEYLAND OLYMPIAN ECW H45/32F 1983 Alpine, Llandudno 
DOG175 A175VFM LEYLAND OLYMPIAN ECW H45/32F 1984 Wilts and Dorset 
DOG155 B153TRN LEYLAND OLYMPIAN ECW H45/32F 1985 ????, Kent 
DOG186 B184BLG LEYLAND OLYMPIAN ECW H45/32F 1984 Edwards, Llantwit Fardre 
DOG186 B186BLG LEYLAND OLYMPIAN ECW H45/32F 1984 Roselyn, Par 
DOG187 B187BLG LEYLAND OLYMPIAN ECW H45/32F 1985 Confidence, Leicester 
DOG189 B189BLG LEYLAND OLYMPIAN ECW H45/32F 1985 Orbit, Ellistown 
DOG190 B190BLG LEYLAND OLYMPIAN ECW H45/32F 1985 Confidence, Leicester 
DOG191 B191BLG LEYLAND OLYMPIAN ECW H45/32F 1985 Roselyn, Par 
DOG192 B192BLG LEYLAND OLYMPIAN ECW H45/32F 1985 Hoare, Chepstow 
DOG193 B193BLG LEYLAND OLYMPIAN ECW H45/32F 1985 Roselyn, Par 
DOG194 B194BLG LEYLAND OLYMPIAN ECW H45/32F 1985 Axe Valley, Seaton 
30077 B200DTU LEYLAND OLYMPIAN ECW H45/32F 1986 First, Chester 
DVG523 BMA523W BRISTOL VRT ECW H43/31F 1980 Jones, Llanfaethlu 
EOG212 C212GTU LEYLAND OLYMPIAN ECW CH45/32F 1986 Alpine, Llandudno 
DVG525 DCA525X BRISTOL VRT ECW H43/31F 1981 Classic Bus, Blackpool 
DVG528 DCA528X BRISTOL VRT ECW H43/31F 1981 Crosville Motor Services, Weston Super Mare 
DOG107 GFM107X LEYLAND OLYMPIAN ECW H45/32F 1982 Freedom Travel, Marple 
CMG581 HFM581D BRISTOL MW ECW C39F 1966 London Bus, Lydney 
DVL401 JMB401T BRISTOL VRT ECW H43/31F 19679 cole, Treorcy 
KW118 KFM767 BRISTOL L ECW B35R 1950 Crosville Motor Services, Weston Super Mare 
KG121 KFM893 BRISTOL L ECW B35R 1950 Crosville Motor Services, Weston Super Mare 
DOG119 MTU119Y LEYLAND OLYMPIAN ECW H45/32F 1983 Transdev 
KW290 NFM46 BRISTOL LL ECW B39R 1952 Crosville Motor Services, Weston Super Mare 
MW435 NFM67 BRISTOL KSW ECW H32/26R 1952 Crosville Motor Services, Weston Super Mare 
DOG129 PFM129Y LEYLAND OLYMPIAN ECW H43/32F 1983 Alpine, Llandudno 
DVG460 VCA460W BRISTOL VRT ECW H43/31F 1980 Ridgway, Margam 
DVG465 WTU465W BRISTOL VRT ECW H43/31F 1980 Colombana, Oxford 
DVG467 WTU467W BRISTOL VRT ECW H43/31F 1980 Riverlink, Dartmouth 
DVG470 WTU470W BRISTOL VRT ECW H43/31F 1980 Jones, Llanfaethlu 
DVG509 YMB509W BRISTOL VRT ECW H43/31F 1980 Geirson, Fishburn 
DVG517 YMB517W BRISTOL VRT ECW H43/31F 1980 Wigley 
DVG517 YMB519W BRISTOL VRT ECW H43/31F 1980 London Bus, Lydney 

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