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Listed below are details of ex Crosville/Crosville Wales vehicles that are know to survive. It is neither complete nor up to date however it's hoped to improve it over the coming months.
At present it covers all preserved vehicles plus all surviving vehicles with Bristol chassis.

For more information:
    The PSV Circle produce a book listing all preserved buses.
    Rob Sly's website is updated with all remaining Bristol Lodekkas, LHs, REs and VRs.
    The 'Bristol SU' series of websites has details of Bristol LSs, MWs, SCs and SUs.

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A link from the registration column goes to a photograph of the vehicle, a link from the status column goes to more information about the vehicle.
Number Registration ChassisBodyYearStatus
MG891 848AFM BRISTOL LD ECW H33/25R 1957 London Bus, Lydney 
MG946 928CFM BRISTOL LD ECW H33/25R 1958 London Bus, Lydney 
CRL294 BFM294L BRISTOL RELH PLAXTON C47F 1973 Darlington and District Youth 
DVG534 DCA534X BRISTOL VRT ECW H43/31F 1982 NGP Film Services, Tonypandy 
KB43 GFM852 BRISTOL L ECW B35R 1948 ???? 
DVG271 HTU160N BRISTOL VRT ECW H43/31F 1975 Mobile Diner, Abbots Langley 
DVG273 HTU162N BRISTOL VRT ECW H43/31F 1975 Mervyn Pearce, Cardigan 
KG124 KFM773 BRISTOL L ECW B35R 1950 ???? 
DVG284 MDM284P BRISTOL VRT ECW H43/31F 1976 Unison, London 
DVG285 MDM285P BRISTOL VRT ECW H43/31F 1976 Hackney Education, London 
SNL853 NFM853M LEYLAND 11351 LEYLAND B44F 1973 Hairdressers, South Mimms 
DVG437 RMA437V BRISTOL VRT ECW H43/31F 1979 Immobile Store, Honeybourne 
DVG461 RUA461W BRISTOL VRT ECW H43/31F 1980 BBC Wales, Cardiff 
DVG468 WTU468W BRISTOL VRT ECW H43/31F 1980 Church of England, York 
DVG473 WTU473W BRISTOL VRT ECW H43/31F 1980 Bar Bus, Bideford 
ML792 XFM203 BRISTOL LD ECW H33/27R 1956 Blakeys Bus Café, Mulbarton, Norfolk 
DVG500 YMB500W BRISTOL VRT ECW H43/31F 1980 Ireland 

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